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Out with Joe

Joe Mangiacotti has been presenting the best in dining and entertainment for Eastern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and Northern Rhode Island and Connecticut since 1998. Every week he take a look at a new restaurant, from the experience of the dining room to what’s happening in the kitchen.

The Lady Speaks

Miss Lady Sabrina answers your letters, dispensing relationship advice with pride and style.

Musical Guest

Musical Guests

Every week NEPTV presents a new performance from musical artists among our community.

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The Lady Speaks

A gay man writes Lady Sabrina about confronting a coworker’s assumptions. The man told his coworker two times that he is married to another man, and yet his colleague persists in the assumption that he is married to a woman. Should he directly correct his corworker, or let it slide?

Lady Sabrina questions whether the desire to let it slide is about being uncomfortable being out for the coworker or at the office in general. “People generally feed off of the vipes you are putting out,” the Lady explains. “You need to set the framework for respect.”

Out with Joe

In this month’s segment. Joe and Teddy look at the importance of LGBTQ social clubs and events, a burgeoning phenomenon in recent years. THe LGBTQ community is no longer centered on “that windowless gay bar back in the day.”

Our Host

Dale LePage

You’ve watched him as the host WooTube entertainment TV, seen him on his own music television specials. As host of WooTube entertainment TV, which goes out to over 200.000 homes Dale showcases live music and comedy videos interspersed with interviews from club owners across New England, Dale is a much sought after host for fundraising events and auctions. He has been nominated entertainer of the year in Boston at the Esplanade Awards and has performed in Night clubs and Cabarets from Maine to Florida. And in May 2016, he hosts the debut of New England Pride TV.

Out With Joe

Out With Joe

Out With Joe is Dining and Entertainment Review Radio Show aired throughout Eastern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and Northern Rhode Island and Connecticut from 1998 to 2013. OWJ has continued as a Podcast and Blog. And now debuting in May of 2016 will be a regular segment on New England Pride TV!

Out With Joe debuted in February of 1998 on Flagship Station WBIX AM 1060 and has aired on great stations like: WCRN AM 830, WROL AM 950 WPLM, WESO, WBNW. OWJ was the audience participation review show where the listeners can also offer suggestion, critiques and reviews of their favorite finds and hidden gems.